About Us

Sankalp Charitable Trust is formed by a group of friends. We want to extend service to the less fortunate society in a large scale. The trust is mostly self-funded till date, but, now we are approaching sponsors and other organizations for support. We are seeking to collaborate with other NGO's or any non-profit service organization with similar interests and goals.


More than 60 years after India's independence the distribution of wealth amongst the society has been unequal and the population growth (currently over one billion and rising) has far exceeded economic growth. This has lead to large-scale poverty and economic crisis. This has also left an enormous gap between the rich and the poor. Till date India has one of the largest numbers of people living below the poverty line.


A large number of people in India live in utter poverty. A large percentage of the population is impoverished with basic necessities of life (food, clothing, shelter and education). Most urban areas have extended slums with no consumable water and they lack basic hygiene. Rural areas also suffer with often enduring drought and irregular low paid work.


The Charity raises funds from individuals and support groups in Andhra Pradesh and all over the world. Children and the less fortunate are delighted to know that someone really cares for them, when we provide them with charitable services with love.


Presently our work is mainly focused in Andhra Pradesh.